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Kachina Doll - Sunface Black Fur - 10 Inch

Purchase From: Arizona Indian Jewelry
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"This Kachina Doll is called ""Sunface"" with a removable Mask! The Sunface represents warmth, shelter for the old, a bright future, and playfulness for the young. Each Native American Kachina Doll Sunface, will have different colors of paint on the face and different color skirts, creating each doll to be unique. This Sunface Kachina doll measures 10 inches tall with Brown fur. It has the artist initial ""C.F.K"". It was hand painted, assembled by hand with feathers and leather accessories. Each Kachina Doll Sunface is uniquely designed to create an original one-of-a-kind collectable. Click here for More Info!"
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