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Hopi Jewelry

Information on Hopi Jewelry :

Hopie silversmiths have perfected the art of sterling silver overlay in thier jewelry. Since the early 1900's Hopi Silvermiths have been creating beatiful earrings, bracelets, pendants, rings, watch tips, belt buckes and other jewelry peices that could be sold or traded. However the overlay technique wasn't perfected till the mid 1900's the process requires two layers of sterling silver. The bottom layer is that base and the top layer is normally cut out into beautiful Hopi designs or symbols like lighting, animals, bugs, birds, plants, bear paw, etc. All the designs are centered in the Hopi culture and way of life. More contempory Hopi artists have recently been working with gold and inlay stones as well.

When looking for handmade Hopi jewelry you can usually tell that the jewelry is authentic by the stampings on the back of the item. If you have doubt about a piece of jewleries authenticity just ask the jewelry for a certificate of Authenticity.

The Hopi people are rooted in thier religion, and spiritual views of live and the world. They are organized into clans that help organize the structure of the society. Many of the Hopi people still continue to practive traditional ceremonies.

Picture of the Hopi Women:


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