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Hopi Bracelets

Information on Handcrafted Hopi Bracelets:

Hopi Bracelets are made with Sterling Silver and often contain wonderful decorative Hopi designs and symbols using an overlay technique with sterling silver.

If you are looking for a Hopi Bracelet for your jewelry collection, remember to pay attention to the bracelet’s size. The Hopi Bracelets are usually displayed by giving you the bracelets opening size as well as the wrist size. You will need to measure your wrist before purchase your desired Hopi Bracelet. Also, take into consideration the width and thickness of the bracelet. Many of the Hopi Bracelets are thick and can become uncomfortably heavy if you're not used to wearing a bracelet of that size. It all depends on your style and what type of Hopi Bracelet you would prefer.

Hopi Bracelets are made for men as well. Typically they are much thicker than that of women's bracelets. However, they are most often very unique and have a very masculine look and feel.

Listed below are three beautiful handmade Hopi Bracelets. As you can see each bracelet’s design varies greatly from each bracelet and artist. Also, you can see how much thicker the men’s bracelets are compared to the women's.

Pictures of Handmade Hopi Bracelets:

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