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Hopi Necklaces

Information on Handcrafted Hopi Necklaces:

Hopi necklaces can very as much as the artisans that make them. Most of the Hopi Necklaces of today are made with sterling silver and use an overlay technique. Hopi necklaces have also been known to contain turquoise, malachite, pink shells, genuine red coral or black jet. However, Hopi artisans still create beautifully design Beaded Necklaces. The most popular necklace beads are from turquoise but necklaces are made from all types of stones or shells; turquoise, gaspeite, variscite, coral, multi colored oyster shell and others as well. Sterling Silver Pendants are also very popular with Hopi jewelry collectors and often come with a sterling silver overlay with traditional Hopi Designs.

Hopi Squash Blossom Necklaces

Probably the most well known Hopi necklace is the Squash Blossom Necklace. There is no known source for where the term "squash blossom" comes from in reference to this beautifully handcrafted Hopi Necklace. The Hopi Squash Blossom necklaces differ from that of the Zuni and Navajo. They tend to use a little less turquoise or stone and more silver. The history of the Hopi Squash Blossom necklace isn't completely clear, but the beauty and artistry of silver and turquoise is second to none.

Pictures of Handmade Hopi Necklaces:

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