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Vintage Native American Indian Jewelry, Vintage Southwestern Jewelry

Collecting Vintage Native American Indian Jewelry is always a joy. There are always a wide range of styles, designs, techniques and material that give you a crystal ball in which to gaze into a rich past of cultures and artistry. Well made Indian Jewelry has a wide range of appeal and can be worn anywhere with almost any style of dress.

Soon after 1950 pawning was prohibited on the Reservation but continued on the borders of the Reservation. Jewelry dated between 1880 and 1900 is crude compared to advanced techniques and tools of today, but collectors of these older piece find there history and style worth the time and money to collect these hard to find Native America Jewelry pieces.

Southwestern Native American Jewelry created by post World War II artist and silversmith is highly sought after in the USA. Some of the more sought after artists are Preston Monongye, Charles Loloma, Kenneth Begay, Lee Epperson, Allen Kee, George Kee, Roger, Skeet, Lambert, Homer, Manual Hayuagawa, Affie Calavza, Leekya Deyuse, Virgil Dishta, Ralph Quam, Annie Quam Gasper, Eidth Tsabetsaye, Clavin Eustace, Tom and Sharon Hannaweeka, Rosita Wallace, Hanet and Dewey Gjahate, Josie and Garnet Owaleon, Linda Eusace, Delfina Cacnini, Agnes and Hugh Bowekaty, and Anita and Buddy Hattie. There are of course hundreds of other skilled and talented Native American Jewelers whose names are not mentioned and numerous others who are not yet as well know.

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