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Cedar City Welcomes Autumn with Fall Arts Festival

By: Azul Uribe, Cedar City Review
Sept. 22-23 saw the Cedar City Fall Arts Festival celebrations, with a broad array of art for sale from all different nearby regions. The festival featured a family friendly environment, with food vendors, entertainment and art available for sale.

“It was a little windy yesterday, so we had problems keeping things up, but today has been lovely,” one of the vendors said.

Even though the weather brought some unexpected drawbacks, the sunny weather Saturday made up for it, providing a relaxed atmosphere in which people could enjoy the festivities and artists on display.

“The Cedar City Arts Council sponsors this event,” said Todd Prince, organizer of the Fall Arts Festival. “It’s one of those things that they get funding for from the Utah Arts Council. We also want to provide something in association with the Shakespeare Arts Festival and just support one another.”

Co-sponsored by the Utah Shakespearean Festival, the Fall Arts Festival kicked off the day’s activities on Friday with a yoga session. Chad Baker juggled to the music of Chicago, and family act Kimball Creek played for the open audience. The music brought a calm atmosphere perfect for Cedar residents to unwind and enjoy the day along with the art.
“You can’t beat juggling to Chicago” said Amy Jones about the entertainment by Chad Baker.
Local food vendors made themselves available to the patrons, and the amount of art was extensive. There was everything from fine beaded Native American jewelry to intricate walking sticks to paintings of landscapes, all available for sale to the public.

In regards to painting, variety was the name of the game. Montana Black’s “Art With Intention” was one of the artists on display at the Festival. Coming to Cedar from Boulder City, Nev., Black’s art displays animals with symbolic and religious significance such as the phoenix and the bear.

“I was wanting to understand images and how they could affect energy patterns in our lives,” Black said. “Then it graduated into animal guide driven artwork, which still has to do with energy patterns. They’re basically visual affirmations.”

Black’s art was displayed last March and she decided to come back to Cedar after being invited to the Fall Arts Festival.

“It’s so beautiful here and any excuse to come out is always welcome,” Black said.
Another vendor at the festival was “Marlene’s Quilts.” Quilter Marlene had her work available for sale. The quilts with intricate patterns and stitching brought Marlene and her husband from Roy, Utah to the Fall Arts Festival.

“I’ve been selling my quilts for 23 years, and we’ve been coming to Cedar for the past 15 years, out to the Renaissance Fair to sell the quilts,” she said. “We came to the Christmas in July and we heard of the Fall Arts Festival and decided to come.”

The environment was family friendly, with “Critter Corner,” a place for kids make some of their own art. Children made their own beadwork, making jewelry and hats during the festivities.
“Kids crafts are cool” said Ellie Jones, age 8 and participant at the Critters Corner of the festival.

Saturday’s weather helped contribute to the visual display brought on by the many different art vendors available at the festival.

”This is a way to help kick off the fall season for local citizens here in Cedar City,” Prince said. “We hope to bring people out so they enjoy something. We want the vendors outside the area to enjoy this even.”


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