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Native American Jewelry:
10 Inch Dream Catchers
2 Inch Dream Catchers
3 Inch Dream Catchers
4 Inch Dream Catchers
Assorted Small Silver Chains
Bear Jewelry
Bracelets Over $20
Bracelets Under $20
Dream Catcher Key Rings
Dream Catchers Wholesale
Eagle Jewelry
Earrings Over $15
Earrings Under $15
Horse Jewelry
Kokopelli Jewelry
Necklaces Over $30
Necklaces Under $30
Pendants Over $20
Pendants Under $20
Rose Quartz
Chains/Rubber Necklaces/Extenders
Dream Catchers
Key Rings
Semi-Precious Gem Stone Nugget Necklaces
Silver Earrings
Turquoise Nugget Jewelry in Sterling Silver Pictur


Native American Silver Jewelry

Locating the right place to purchase Native American Jewelry can be difficult. Much of the so-called native silver of today is manufactured over seas. Being educated about Native American silver and what to look for can not only save you the headache of puchasing imitation jewelry but will also give you the peace of mind that your are getting real hand crafted Native American Silver.

One of the best ways to know the your buying authentice Native American Silver is by making your purchase from a reputable dealer. Many Native American Jewelry dealers offer certificates of authinticity if you will ask for them. New Mexico and Arizona requires dealers to tell consumers where the jewelry they are purchasing was manufacted if they ask. So remember to ask if you live or are visiting those States.

You can also look on the inside of the silver and see if the Native American artist left their signature or imprinted their initials in the piece of jewlery.


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