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Navajo Belt Buckles

Information on Handcrafted Navajo Belt Buckles:

The use of Turquoise, Pink Shell, Onyx and Coral in Navajo Belt Buckles give each buckle a unique look and feel. If you're looking for a buckle with a southwestern style make sure you look at some handmade buckles made by Navajo Silversmiths. Many of the buckles not only are decorated with the stones mentioned above, but also are handcrafted into amazing designs like an eagle, bear claw, horse and rider, and many more. Typically the Navajo Silversmiths will work with .925 Sterling Silver so you normally don't need to worry about quality when purchasing an authentic Navajo Belt Buckle.

Most of the first Buckles that the Navajo created were simple, circular loops of silver with a crossbar that would hold the tongue in place created only for functionality.

As the art of Navajo Silversmith developed the decorative possibilities became endless. The Buckles also increased in size and were developed in a variety of forms. They were created by being wrought or they may have been made by casting silver through a mold. If the Silver is wrought the silversmith will stamp the silver flat. If the silver is cast the curvilinear design will be in the form a solid bars of silver that will stand out in an open pattern against the clothing.

Here are a few pictures of Handcrafted Navajo Belt Buckles:

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