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Navajo Rings

Information on Handcrafted Navajo Rings:

Some of the first rings wore by the Navajo were merely bands of metal with no design. As time passed these bands were marked with decorative designs by an awl then later by ties. Sometime in the early 1880’s turquoise began showing up in Navajo rings. As turquoise became more plentiful the silversmiths began setting three and four stones into the rings and even later started makes rows of three and four turquoise stones.

Most people can't really appreciate the craftsmanship a Navajo artisan puts into their jewelry until they see the artistic process from start to finish. Navajo Rings vary so much it's almost impossible to explain the style variations. Navajo rings are made for both men and women. The women's sterling rings are very elegant and usually adorned with turquoise or coral. The size of the stone can be large or small depending on the style of the ring. Men's rings are obviously more masculine looking and normally contain a little more silver which makes the ring a little heavier to wear. Men’s rings normally contain a large turquoise stone, or many little turquoise stone insets into the ring. Navajo men's rings can also contain stones other than turquoise.

Next to the bracelets the Navajo rings are the most sold jewelry item due mostly to their price point. Often time’s small tourist shops will carry cheap rings that are flimsy and mat from artificial turquoise or a low grade stone dyed dark to look like turquoise.

Posted below are two pictures of Navajo women's rings and one picture of a man's ring:

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