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Zuni Earrings

Information on Handcrafted Zuni Earrings:

Zuni Earrings are one of a kind! The silversmiths typically use Turquoise, Pink Shell, Onyx, Coral, gaspeite, variscite, coral, multi colored oyster shell, or other stones to decorate their sterling silver earrings. Zuni jewelers are known to use a variety of techniques when crafting earrings, but are more commonly known for their perfected inlay techniques. Each pair shows the skill and creativity especially in choosing and inlaying the stones. As generations have passed each has developed there own style, skills and talents. Yet the Zuni jewelers still seem to keep the unique style of there heritage.

Zuni women have not been wearing silver earrings for long. The specific time the Zuni started silversmith isn't known, but researchers say it was likely it started in the mid 1800's. It's very unlikely Zuni women wore silver earrings before this time.

Here are a few pictures of Handmade Zuni Earnings:


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