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Zuni Watches

Information on Handcrafted Zuni Watches:

The Zuni Silversmiths create some of the most beautifully inlayed watch bands. If you are looking for a unique watch that none of your friends have, take some time to look at the amazing collections of Zuni watches and watch bands that are available online or at a Native American Indian or Zuni Trade Show. Probably the most common complaints people have with Zuni watches are the weight. The bands are normally created with .925 sterling silver are adjustable and come with replaceable Quartz watch face and elastic band which can be bothersome for someone who isn’t used to having a watch with too much weight on it. However, if you can make the switch, the designs and craftsmanship will have people giving you comments and compliment on your watch wherever you go.

Authentic Zuni Watches made with sterling silver are carefully hand crafted by Zuni Silversmiths. The Zuni Silversmiths use only the finest materials available like .925 Sterling Silver, and stone like Turquoise, Malachite, Onyx Stones and others. Below are three pictures of handmade Zuni Watches. Two of the pictures are female watches and on the end is a male's watch.

Photos of Handcrafted Zuni Watches:

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